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Sad news friends. Another amazing girlband has called it quits without gaining any traction in the public consciousness. Actually I should say an amazing-er girlband has called it quits as Mini Viva were undoubtedly a cut above Girls Can’t Catch.

I feel partly responsible for this as, being honest, Mini Viva did take a while to grow on me and just as I sort of “got it” they called it quits and I thus never lavished the kind of verbose attention on them that might have helped to grow some sort of fan base.

Mini Viva’s best single was “I Wish.” It’s sort of Call The Shots pt. 2 and the video is frankly better than anything Girls Aloud have ever been anywhere near. It’s a crackling song with a sparkly, fun, expensive-looking video and its failure to dent the charts is a significant pop injustice.

There is just something extraordinarily fun and likeable about Mini Viva that the modern pop world feels somewhat bereft of. To my way of thinking they have a contagious energy reminiscent of the Spice Girls, although obviously this did not translate to the record buying public.

Poor old Mini Viva.

You can find Mini Viva’s first video “Left My Heart In Tokyo” attached below and/or click here to see their third and final single “One Touch.”

Mini Viva, you were amazing.