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A grown woman came into Starbucks the other day with her mother and seemed unusually embarrassed to be with her. I often judge people who have an undue amount of disdain for their parents but I totally felt for this woman as HER MOTHER WAS ON A SEGWAY!

Seriously, they came in together and the daughter held the door for the Mum who wheeled her way in looking a complete fool on that ridiculous contraption. They came up to the counter together and ordered drinks and the daughter picked out a sandwich.

Actually the best bit was when the daughter changed her mind on the sandwich. Before discreetly slipping over to the hand-off area she passed the tuna melt to her mother to place it back in the cooler. I choose to believe she did this on purpose as it left Mommy Segway with the choice of dismounting her scooter or bending awkwardly while trying to remain balanced.

She chose the latter to my great delight.

Speaking of bending awkwardy in order to remain balanced, did everyone read about this? The first line says it all really:

The owner of Segway died on Sunday riding one of his company’s electric scooters off a cliff and into a river.

Oh dear.