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In case it’s not already apparent I AM COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH CHER LLOYD.

She is amazing.

Above she is performing seminal Shakespeare’s Sister track “Stay” on this weeks X Factor. I’m just going to to it put it out there and say that I will buy the Cher Lloyd album no matter what. Even if it’s an album of Hootie and the Blowfish covers.

I love that even in her “serious” week she manages to sneak in the signature Cher Lloyd pose at 2:44 (AMAZING). I also love that she already has a signature pose.

NOTE: Simon Cowell has now on two occasions used phrases describing Cher Lloyd on The X Factor that I mentioned here the week previous. Firstly he said of her “I see the future here” and secondly he noted that she was like a proper popstar amid a sea of wannabes. If Simon Cowell mentions Cher’s signature pose next week we shall know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is, in fact, an avid reader of blogfaced as I have long suspected.