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In case it wasn’t already painfully obvious, The X Factor is back in the UK and I find myself already obsessed. I love its over-the-top-ness and clear sense of its own ridiculousness. IT IS AMAZING. The most amazing part of it this year – which you may have already guessed from the picture above – is Cher Lloyd.

Cher Lloyd may be the greatest single act to have ever appeared on The X Factor and I am currently completely enamoured of her. Here she is singing “Just Be Good To Me.”


What’s particularly amazing about Cher Lloyd is that she has the kind of natural charisma and stage presence that even some veteran popstars – Ahem, Katy Perry – would kill for. It will be a significant pop injustice if Cher Lloyd does not win The X Factor and subsequently become a huge global megastar.

I also rather like Tesco Mary:

Tesco Mary is the shit.