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Here is the new Joe McElderry video “Ambitions.” It has a fist pumping move that I may have already mimicked in my bedroom while listening to it. It features recently “out” gay man Joe McElderry gaying it up all over a film studio – with backup dancers at the ready – as us bummers are wont to do. It is a cover of an only slightly old Donkeyboy song which can be heard here. It is probably at least 30% better than the original and will probably be listened to by at least 4000% more people as a result of being covered by Geordie Joe.

None of that matters though.


As is custom in the grand X Factor tradition (well since Leona at least), the winner of the previous year releases their debut album just as the current season kicks into high gear; the idea being that they can capitalise on the show to generate album sales. The problem with this system is that the whole thing does start to feel a little bit like an assembly line. Also – and this implies that you get totally sucked in, as I have already become – older winners become overshadowed by the fresh crop of wide-eyed hopefuls ready to sell their souls for a chance at pop superstardom.

Enter Cher Lloyd.

Well-played Cher Lloyd, well-played. Girl turned her swag ON.

PS – the Olly Murs video/single is also very enjoyable but the video has one of those annoying region codings on Youtube so I can’t properly attach it. Click here for a very low quality video copy of what is a rather pleasant summertime tune.