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My friend Jo-Ann and I are off to Seattle to see Robyn in November and I could not be more excited. Robyn is on my list. She’s at the top of my list, actually. There is literally not another performer at this point in my life that I would be more excited about seeing live.

Since releasing her eponymous – sidenote: I love that word – comeback album Robyn hasn’t made a single wrong move. She is the consummate popstar and I love her for it. In fact, if you can watch the above video and not love her, I think there may be something wrong with you.

Robyn is the rarest of popstars that just gets it. She is in complete control of her career and nary puts a step out of place. Everything that came out of the “Robyn” era was absolute perfection and the latest Body Talk series of albums – of which we’re on number 2 – sound like an artist tapping into a creative vein so deep that we could happily be listening to part 47 by early next year.

She has even managed to gracefully maneuvre the difficult passage from the “comeback” phase of her career to full on pop extravagance without losing that crackling creativity or becoming wrapped up in her own hubris.

She is perfection.
A gift sent to us from the pop Gods (Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha, and Frida).
A popstar for the ages.

Robyn is the shit.

PS – I totally need one of those Konichiwa Records hoodies she’s rockin in the Hang With Me video. They had best be selling them at the concert. Also, attached below is Robyn on David Letterman singing Dancing On My Own.