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A while ago, my good friend Ryan and I had a rather drunken lunch at Rogue – sidenote: Rogue is fantastic – and we got talking about Allison Janney. Specifically how Allison Janney is amazing and manages to make anything she appears in amazing.

Take a moment and try to think of a bad movie or television show you’ve seen with Allison Janney in it.


(Okay, so according to imdb she was on an episode of Two and a Half Men, but I’m sure it was the least awful episode they ever made.)

Now try and think of a time you’ve seen her when she wasn’t amazing and totally memorable.

Also a tough task.

She’s like the ultimate supporting actress. Here are just a few examples of why Allison Janney is amazing:

Hairspray, AMAZING.
American Beauty, AMAZING.
Drop Dead Gorgeous, AMAZING.


So amazing that I will pretty much give anything she’s in a chance. There are very few actors or performers in general for whom I will give even a crappy concept a try and Allison Janney is one of them (in case you’re interested the list pretty much begins with Allison Janney and ends with Toni Collette).

In fact, there is a new midseason television show starring Matthew Perry as the manager of a sports arena: NOTHING ABOUT THIS CONCEPT INTERESTS ME. However, Allison Janney is in it so you better believe I’ll be stuck in front of the TV with snacks at the ready when it premieres. SUCH IS THE POWER OF ALLISON JANNEY.

Not unlike truffle oil that makes any dish more delicious Allison Janney has the power to drastically improve any project she deigns to appear it without overpowering it.

And not unlike the boozy lunch that was its genesis this blog post was rambling and a little out of sorts. Apols readers, I’ll try my best to be more consistent in the future and get back to a regular blogging schedule.