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Some of you may remember me going on about the amazing dance move found at 3:08 in the above video. At the time I – rather aptly – described it: “Cheryl is the lead hen and they’re all her chicken bitches.” It is a fantastic and ridiculous dance move that was clearly one the central reasons for the subsequent success of “Fight For This Love.”

In fact, while it was only featured once, at 3:03, on Cheryl’s X Factor performance, during her subsequent performance at Children in Need – and obviously due to popular demand – she both previewed, at 0:27, and properly performed, at 3:37, the aforementioned chicken bitches dance.


Anyway, this all brings me to another fantastically ridiculous dance move of our times and it comes at 2:51 in the below attached video of the Scissor Sisters and Kylie at Glastonbury performing “Any Which Way.” Just when you think the combination of Kylie and Scissor Sisters can’t get any gayer they go and trump it with this spectacular display of sheer amazingness. It’s the kind of dance move you wish you could pull of drunk at a club at half one in the morning but actually just end up falling over a few strangers and getting a drink spilled on your back.