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I tried Jugo Juice’s “Mint Mojito” today and it was actually AMAZING! Damn it.

The mint is perfection and the blend of fruit is properly brilliant. The name annoys me even more now as it’s a great product laden with a ridiculous name.

Also, I ended up telling my Mum about it, against my better judgement, and she clarified that she originally thought it was “Jug o’ Juice,” which to be fair is less ridiculous than I’d remembered. Although she did confess that she only continues to use it because she knows it annoys me. Then my Dad piped in – we were on Skype – that he actually thought it was “Jugga Juice” because my Mum says it like that all the time. (Not unlike the time, nary two summers ago, that we discovered he thought it was “Cool Summer” by Banarama FULLY TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AFTER THAT SONG WAS A HIT.)

So this all got me thinking about how annoying seasonal menu variations can be when you really love them – as I expect the “mint mojito” will disappear from Jugo come Autumn – and my brief but illustrious experience with Subway’s Orchard Chicken Salad.

I visit Subway from work about once a fortnight and I’m rarely swayed from my old standby – the pizza sub – but after months of media saturation I was finally cajoled into trying the glory that is the Orchard Chicken Salad sub. Actually, I should say was. No sooner had I experienced and told everyone at work how amazing it was the Orchard Chicken Salad was cruelly snatched off the menu.

To clarify, I had ONE. And after banging on about it for a week or two I went back for another only to be told that it was a seasonal item that was no longer available.