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Dannys Market Screamers-2504
Photo credit: 604Foodtography

You know the drill, here be some things I like.

I’m like Oprah over here (except I won’t be giving you anything).

1. Screamers

Sometimes in life your mind becomes clouded to a certain idea or thing because a person you dislike goes on and on about how great it is. Up until recently such was my experience with screamers. Until a couple of weeks ago I looked disdainfully at people enjoying this summer treat despite never having tried one.

Then my friend Ryan came to visit and told me to stop being such a tool and try one.


Slushie good. Soft serve good. Together AMAZING. I have to hold myself back from not getting one everyday so deep is my love for this combination of frozen deserts. LOVE IT.

2. Long pop songs

I love long pop songs. Like a radio edit is a rightly amazing thing for most songs – editing out all the crap – but I love songs that defy this generalisation. Songs whose genius simply cannot be fit into a three minute version. Songs so amazing that ten minutes seems to scream by in four.

The obvious example here is The Money Note clocking in at [6:19] but others include electro epics Untouchable by Girls Aloud and Stuck on Repeat by Little Boots – [6:43] and [6:54] respectively – as well as Nina Simone’s Sinnerman and Santa Esmeralda’s Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – [10:20] and [10:30] respectively. Something about the length of these songs just lets them build and build making the payoff that much sweeter. They are exceptions to the rule and that is part of what makes them special.

3. listentoyoutube.com

I just cottoned on to this the other day but you can now download audio from Youtube videos very easily using this website. It’s obviously completely illegal but totally amazing. And being honest, I’ve only used it to download versions of songs that I’ve been unable to find legally such as the immense version of Pet Shop Boys’ “Go West” as performed in Moscow at Live8, previously mentioned here.

Click here to download.

This version of the song is completely amazing and I would gladly have paid for it had it been legally available.

4. Kylie

For yesterday.
For today.