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Dear Ms. Minogue,

I write to you on behalf of gay men everywhere; at the very least those of use who put our hands up (if we feel love). Having been a fan of yours since I was dancing my little gay socks off to the Locomotion I feel justified in talking for my fellow bent pop lovers and I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your latest album “Aphrodite.”

We appreciate that you’ve recognised a few minor missteps in your career trajectory and that you worked to fully right the S.S. Kylie in it’s journey to the windswept shores of Aphrodite, which may be the best album of your career (thusfar).

Rather than chasing phantom demographics of record buyers you have stuck firmly to your roots and produced what can only be described as the gayest (best) album of the year. While we stuck by you through the bad times (cancer, X) we appreciate that you are sticking by us through these good times, and what is sure go down in gay folklore as the halcyon days of the Aphrodite era.

In creating an album for our summer and our lives you have danced your way into our hearts once again and for this we may never be able to thank you enough.


The Gays