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I was at work the other day and my co-worker and I were doing “Gaga-hands” whenever we got bored. By Gaga-hands I mean that we would start chanting “Ra ra ra ah ah. Roma, roma ma. Gaga ooh la la…” and make pointy claw hands a la Bad Romance. All this got me thinking of the random things you do when you’re bored and how ridiculous they are.

1. My first such example comes from when I used to live in residence with my friend Dan. I have no idea where this started but Dan and I used to have dinosaur fights when we were particularly bored. I would be a tyrannosaurus – with my arms pulled back, only my hands moving, and legs stomping – and Dan would be a raptor – his arms grasping out as he hissed. (Obviously a T-Rex is way awesomer than a raptor but Dan maintained that he had a chance against my unstoppable King of Dinosaurs.)

2. Another great boredom-killer that I shared with my friend Fatty (a nick name) when I first started at Starbucks was singing Copa Cabana with a lisp. Seemingly innocuous but actually rather fun, Fatty would side-lisp while I “th”-lisped creating an amazing lisp-harmony. I don’t even remember why we sang Copa Cabana but it was always Copa Cabana. To this date I can’t hear Copa Cabana without hearing Fatty’s lisping voice harmonising with my own.

3. My final example of boredom fun comes again from my days living in Lister Hall at the U of A. I used to live on the main floor of the Kelsey building which is where everyone else comes and goes from the tower. One day when our boredom became particularly acute someone had the – rather brilliant – idea to fuck with everyone on the elevators. We started by setting up a seating gallery around the elevators and then retrieved a spare mattress. So whenever the elevator would arrive – rather frequent, given that our floor was the main access point to the building – we had the mattress set up to fall in on the unsuspecting occupants.


You would just hear a muffled yelping as the mattress fell into the elevator and then some angry people would storm out and past our amassed group, which only grew as random people came into the building and joined us.