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Awhile ago I mentioned my old friend “Melanie P” and her trials with her on-and-off boyfriend, who in the be-pseudonymed world of my memoirs is named Caleb.

One day when we all used to work at Starbucks Caleb came in to visit Melanie and there was a half-eaten rice crispy square sitting on counter that I had just bussed from one of the now empty tables in the cafe. As I turned away from Caleb I heard the unmistakable crunch of a man biting into an abandoned rice crispy square. Gross.

Anyway, I turned back to Caleb and informed him that he’d just eaten someone else’s garbage. Turns out Caleb thought – for some reason – that it was a sample, despite the fact that there were bite marks in it.

Rather gross for him, and rather hysterical for the rest of us.