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When I tell people that I have a Film & Media Studies degree they almost always ask me what my favourite movie is.

I always say Muriel’s Wedding.

There was a time when I stopped being honest and said another of my favourite films “Cleo de 5 a 7.” It is my experience that people receive this answer much better. It is an “arty” French New Wave film and I would say the majority of people who ask about my favourite film are expecting such a response. I have since decided to be honest.


I love it so much, in fact, that I wore out the VHS copy of it I owned and had to purchase a new DVD copy.

I cannot recommend a film more highly than Muriel’s Wedding. It is completely ridiculous and touching and side-splittingly funny and heartbreakingly sad and everything you could possibly want in a movie. I rewatched it the other day with a friend of mine and I was in fits of hysterics during the above scene. Anyone who can keep a straight face during “Fabba Abba” is obviously a mentalist.