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A little while ago I mentioned that it took a full six days (!) for my Mum’s Mother’s Day Card to arrive in Calgary from Vancouver, taking even longer than a card sent on the same day to England.

Some have since posited that this was perhaps an isolated incident.

Alas, it was not!

In fact, my Mum’s birthday card took a full 10 BUSINESS DAYS to arrive in Calgary from Vancouver! That’s TWO WEEKS! What’s going on at Canada Post? No wonder people have stopped using regular mail. Honestly, it shouldn’t take two weeks for a letter to go from Vancouver to Calgary. I think a week, at the most, is an acceptable amount of time. I’m really going to have to start thinking ahead for birthdays and occasions etc. because with my parents moving up to Fort McMurray there’s no telling how long some simple correspondence will take to arrive. If past experience is anything to go by it may end up having to be expressed there on a dog sled or similar.

Take the shame Canada Post. TAKE THE SHAME!