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I’m sure if you’ve been staying on top of the news you’re aware that bankers in America are fighting against increased regulation of the banking industry after last year’s near collapse of the global economy on their watch.



You assholes screw the pooch and fuck up the entire world and then pretend like you’ve done nothing wrong and the system is working perfectly?


Of course the finance sector needs more bloody regulation! Deregulation is exactly what got us here in the first place. Do you know which country came out least harmed by this disaster in the developed world? Canada. Do you know why? Because we have some of the most rigourous and prudent regulations set on our banking industry. (Regulations, incidentally, that a certain Mr. Harper was trying to abolish before the world markets hit the shitter.)

Canada’s banks are clearly not free and clear of significant problems but at least we have the good sense to know that giving them free reign is a mug’s game.

I honestly just can’t fully grasp the gall of these men telling the American Congress that these regulations will cripple the economy. Seriously? Hello kettle, meet pot. This is ridiculous. Yes, these regulations will make it impossible more difficult for you greedy bastards to rape the economy at the expense of everyone further down – and ultimately the taxpayers – and I hope and pray that the American government has the good sense to tell these fools to sod off and fucking deal with it.