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It was my Mum’s birthday on the 18th of April and one of my Nanna’s on the 21st. Being ever the dutiful son and grandson I purchased and sent cards to them on Monday April 12.

Somehow my Nanna’s arrived first.

My mother resides in Calgary while my Nanna lives in Sutton Coldfield, which is just outside Birmingham. In England.

WTF Canada Post?

How is it possible that my Nanna receives her card on the Friday and Mum doesn’t get hers until the following Monday? And there’s supposed to be a giant ash cloud hovering over Europe as well. Maybe the ash cloud quietly relocated over Calgary for a few days? Or is in actual fact some sort of EU ruse?

I suppose I could look at it conversely and appreciate the speed with which my Nanna’s card was expedited halfway round the world but a whole week still seems like an awfully long time for a piece of mail to travel from Vancouver to Calgary.

Definitely a Canada Post FAIL.

That being said you will notice in the above picture the newly redesigned Canada Post Letter Box that can only be described as a Canada Post WIN. Apparently it’s designed to be more secure and stylish and the outer coating is designed to repel graffiti: making it either slide right off or at the very least be much easier to clean. I just think it’s quite a lot nicer than the boring old plain red box. It really caught my eye the first time I walked by one and that can only be a good thing.

Well-played Canada Post, well-played. Your service might leave something to be desired but at the very least you perform it stylishly.