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This is the new Robyn single entitled “Dancing On My Own.”

It is amazing.

I am currently full-on obsessed with this song that reminds me a bit of Bad Romance in that it is sort of like a Robyn greatest hits rolled into one song. By that I mean that Bad Romance kind of sounded a bit like if Poker Face, Just Dance, and Paparazzi were fused into one uber-tune to dominate all that had preceded it. In the same way, Dancing On My Own sounds a bit like if With Every Heartbeat, Be Mine, and Dream On were put into a pop music blender in the year 2015 and somehow beamed back to us mere mortals still stuck in 2010.


I am amazed with Robyn’s consistent ability to remain at the forefront of pop music. She’s practically pumping zeitgeist out of her lady bits at this point. I mean at first this song is a bit “What’s all this racket about?” and then it gets you and suddenly it’s all over. Your defences are wrecked and you are imagining yourself in the corner, watching him kiss her. Time for a bit of Robyn-based revelling methinks.


Oh, and apparently she’s releasing THREE albums this year. They literally cannot happen fast enough.