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As a quick preface to this post I must tell you that my grandmother, Nanna, refuses to withdraw money from ATM machines. She had a problem – details never disclosed – with a transaction once and subsequently lost all faith in the world of electronic banking. The result of this is that she walks almost a mile to the bank every time she needs cash or wants to pay a bill. Furthermore, I’ve been to her bank and there’s always a queue for the tellers – presumably other OAPs also untrusting of technology – which I always find endlessly annoying as the ATMs sit unused outside.

Anyway back to the topic at hand I assume that everyone now is in the possession of a chip debit card, as regular magnetic stripe cards were declared demodé by powers that be ages ago. As you’ve probably noticed when using your chip card for debit transactions you have to leave it in for the duration of the transaction and can only remove it upon completion (that’s what she said etc etc…) or the whole thing comes to a crashing halt and has to be re-done.

Rather embarrassingly I have become that person who removes my card too early and then chirps on about “new technology” when the cashier informs me that I have to do the whole thing again. AM I THAT OLD ALREADY?

Apparently I am.