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Just in case you’ve been living under a sonically insulated rock for the past few weeks I feel compelled to point out that perennially pleasing popstrels Goldfrapp have released yet another amazing album, entitled “Head First.” Said album was preceded by the killer single “Rocket,” the video for which you would find here except that “embedding has been disabled by [fucking annoying] request.”

It’s almost redundant to say that the video is completely amazing – this is the band that brought us the ice cold electropop of “Ooh la la” when Lady Gaga was just another mousy-haired singer/songwriter – but it is. It features Alison Goldfrapp driving a semi-truck that is towing a rocket onto which she eventually tapes who we presume is the bastard who has scorned her and launches it into space.


Also there are backup dancers. I know, right!?

Click here to view the video.

Also the album is amazing just like every other Goldfrapp album. Why aren’t they massive? I’m clearly out of touch in a world where Justin fucking Bieber is bigger than Goldfrapp. (By the way, have you seen this? AMAZING)

In conclusion, Goldfrapp = AMAZING and Justin Bieber = a strangely sapphic looking man-boy, also total shit.