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I went to see Repo Men last night which I was quite looking forward to after seeing the campaign that included amazing posters like the one above.

It sucked.

It was a pretty great premise but was just a hodge podge of sci fi cliches and very poorly shot and written. It was also pointlessly gory. When the best part of the film is the preceding ad campaign, you know there’s a problem.

While the film itself was rather shit, my evening with Reba at the movies can only be described – albeit in a rather two-thousand-and-late and fashion – as an EPIC WIN! First off it was Telus Tuesday which means that for $11.50 I got my movie, a medium popcorn and medium drink. That, my friends, is a deal any way you look at it. I will definitely be going back for more Telus Tuesdays, I highly recommend it. Secondly, THEY HAD ORANGE DRINK! It was called Fruitopia Orange Groove and was great. Am now imagining myself every Tuesday enjoying orange drink and a bad movie for a reasonable price.


ADDENDUM: There were these two old ladies who came in about 10 minutes before the movie and Reba and I wondered if they knew what film was about to start. In my experience older ladies are not huge fans of excessive gore. Anyway, they sat through the whole movie and when we later saw them in the lobby I was dying to ask what they thought of the film. I’m secretly hoping that if we go again next week we’ll run into them again and have new Tuesday night movie buddies.