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A while ago now I asked some friends on Facebook for reading material suggestions and I’ve been dutifully reading away since then. It was actually extremely helpful and I would recommend trying it if you are in need of something to read.

One important lesson I’ve learned is that it’s always better to read a book someone thinks you’ll like than a book they like themselves. Another is that literary downers are best paired with the literary equivalent of bottle of Zoloft. Yesterday, for instance, I decided that I’d quite like to read John le Carre’s “The Constant Gardener” as I quite enjoyed the film and have only heard great things about his books. That being said I am well aware that the story is depressing as fuck so I need an antidote to all that negativity.

While waiting in the departure lounge the other day I came across Laurence Shorter’s “The Optimist” and decided that while I would indeed be interested in reading it, I could not justify the twenty dollars being asked for it on the other side of security at YYC. Voila, I now have the perfect literary yin and yang. After delving into The Constant Gardener, I’ll hop, skip and jump along with The Optimist.

So far The Constant Gardener is amazing.

I’ll keep you posted.