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I flew back from Calgary to Vancouver yesterday which was quite sad as I missed St. Patrick’s Day in Alberta, and my Mum was rather upset (although her tears did get her out of paying for parking at the airport, which is a significant parkade win).

Anyway, they have personal seatback TVs on Westjet and, when they’re working, you have a full selection of channels from which to choose your in-flight entertainment. At first I just watched the news because I had missed Jeopardy(!) and Coronation Street but then a dilemma arose at 6pm. I wanted to watch The View – which as many of you are already aware is my quite guilty pleasure – but was far too embarrassed to be caught watching The View in public. There was also Law and Order: SVU but I knew that I wouldn’t make it through the whole hour, and while that’s sometimes okay if you’re watching the last half of the show, I decided that watching the build-up without the conclusion would just be annoying. I ended up plumping for some home selling show on HGTV which I decided was still marginally judgement-worthy, but definitely less so than The View.

Being crammed together with complete strangers is always a fascinating sociological experience and as I checking out what everyone else is watching on their seatback TVs I also noticed a strange trend when the drinks cart came scurrying by: TOMATO JUICE. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone order a tomato juice at a restaurant or bar before (other that in a Caesar or Bloody Mary) but it seems as if everyone glugging back juiced tomatoes at 39,000 feet. I wonder if it’s just habit; like you get into having it when you fly and it becomes like a treat associated with air travel? Or maybe everyone is sitting at home on a Saturday morning smugly drinking tomato juice while I’m at home bleary-eyed and unaware?