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My friend Jo-Ann and I were watching Spice World the other day (do you like how I say that passively like it was happening to us rather than saying I had been planning it for over a fortnight?) and it came to our attention that beyond being literally amazing it is also perfect for a drinking game. We were only hot hamming that night so we decided to only drink whenever Posh Spice did her point pose. I say only but needless to say we were quite drunk…

The bitch can point.

Anyway, grab yourself a gin and (slim-line) tonic or a blueberry vodka and soda and your copy of Spice World (now available on dvd. A Criterion version be that far behind, right?) and enjoy.

Drink for each of the following incidences:

Posh Spice
-any iteration of the point pose
-any mention of a little black dress

Sporty Spice
-any mention of Liverpool FC
-any high kick

Scary Spice
-any yelling
-after the line “When I say go, we go,” when Mel says “Go,” down your drink or slam a shot

Ginger Spice
-any use of the term “girl power”
-any time she makes the peace “V”

Baby Spice
-any time you see her sucking on a lollipop

-any celebrity cameo
-each Roger Moore cryptic clue

Good luck.

When I say go, we go!