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Julia Roberts: NBC you guys are in the toilet right now.

Billy Bush: Julia!

Julia: No, I’m just saying… in the toilet!

Layne: Shit-faced Julia Roberts is the best.

Layne: What’s the deal with Rita Wilson’s shawl?

Julia Roberts: Who’s Natalie?

Layne: Colin Farrell’s hair looks like Sonic the Hedgehog but he’s still hot.

Gary: I still would.

L: I’ve already seen this clip of Monique’s limo, they’re repeating.

G: We need more Elisabetta.

L: Quentin Tarantino. He’s tied with Rita Wilson for best cape-shawl of the night.

G: Thank God they’re split-screening for Quentin Tarantino, boring as fuck. Oh, but they’re repeating footage again.

Apparently Sofia Vergara is really dumb and everyone hates her? She’s hysterical though. FASHION CAM! BEST THING EVER!

L: I wanna see more of Simon Baker’s brother.

G: Ryan Kwanten kinda looks like he could be that little bitchy gay from Will & Grace’s son.

Tina Fey: It’s not rain it’s just God crying for NBC

Billy Bush: Not even here at the Golden Globes could you escape jokes about NBC

L: You’re at a TV event televised on NBC! Douche!

G: He’s twice as smart as Vanessa Manillo.

L: He’s twice as smart as Vanessa Manillo and Natalie combined.

G: Is that other girl’s name Natalie?

L: Yes. That’s why “Who’s Natalie?” was so funny.

L & G: Laughter.

Billy Bush: We survived Vanessa Manillo.

Vanessa Manillo: We did survive Billy Bush.