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And we’re back.

Layne: Mr. Shu is quite excited.

Gary: Why is Chace Crawford there?

G: That’s that girl from Modern Family

L: Gerard Butler looks like one of the gourds from Fraggle Rock.

L: Calista looks nice, she’s gotten more attractive with age…

G: And a shit-load of money.

G: Split cam is amazing because Harrison Ford is boring.

L: It’s the best when non-famous people walk by, like that guy’s shoulder.

L: Why does Simon Baker get a montage with flashing lights and music.

G: Vanessa Minnillo is a fucking idiot.

L: Simon Baker’s brother is HOT

Vanessa Manillo: What’s the difference between a mentalist and a psychic?

Presenter is BEGGING RDJ for an interview.

L: Who is this other woman? She’s an idiot.

G: Paul McCartney is fucking wanker.

L: Oh look, they gave him the soft lighting. I hope they make him do the fashion cam.

G: Uh, douche.


L: That’s a really good colour on her.

G: Life is a really good colour on her.

L: Ugh, John Liithgow and Sigourney Weaver are stuck with Vanessa Manillo.

G: That’s life.

G: Mickey Rourke got the flashing lights treatment too.

L: Of course Nick Cannon is holding Mimi’s umbrella. 30 minutes and 18 seconds.

G: Mariah’s looking pretty good.

L: Even though her tits are in your eyeballs, I still like it.


Billy Bush: This is a Golden Globes Snuggie

Sandra Bullock: I’m so not wearing that.

L: Jesse James is gonna punch Billy Bush and it’s gonna be the Globes moment ever.

G: Vanessa Minnillo is an idiot.

L: Eli Roth was incredibly hot in Inglourious Basterds.

G: Tobey Maguire’s wife has aweful earrings.