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Gary: Billy Bush is douche. Walking down the red carpet is not dangerous.

Gary: Why is Vanessa Minnillo there?

Layne: Oh Kristen Bell, I was hoping it was Kristen Chenoweth.

L: Oh it’s the back of George Clooney’s head. WHERE IS ELISABETTA?

G: Billy Bush is just wandering around like a fool.

G: I LOVE Tea Leoni

L: I just remember her from Spanglish

G & L: That movie sucked

L: Fergie looks nice. Good hair She must be pissed about the rain.

G: Her face looks less fucked up than usual.

L: Is that Josh Groban holding Tracy Morgan’s umbrella?

G: I think he’s high, He’s always high.

L: In fairness I think this is the least high I’ve ever seen him.

G: Tracy Morgan, worst tribute to the rat pack ever.

L: …hate…golf umbrellas…dangerous on campus…as dangerous as Billy Bush on the red carpet.

L: Billy Bush, shut up about how dangerous the red carpet is.

G: Vanessa Minnillo is dumn

In unison at Vanessa Minnillo’s fashion cam: OH GOD NO!

L: I would say one of the main reasons to see Nine is Marion Cotillard’s side boob. OOH Taylor Lautner.

G: Bradley Cooper has an odd face.

L: Who is that?

G: What’s up with Chloe Sevigny’s face pose.

G: Ok, actually, fashion cam is the best thing ever!

G: Taylor Lautner has ridiculous teeth.

L: Only 47 minutes and 58 seconds

Interviewer to Taylor Lautner: Can you tell us a little about the next movie.

Taylor Lautner: Well, if you’ve read the book….

G: Billy Bush thinks the red carpet is worse than Haiti.

L: Is that Daniel Day-Lewis?

G: I think it’s Jeremy Irons.

L: Vanessa Manillo is an idiot.

G: I hope Tom Ford’s there.

L: I think he will be it’s nominated for best picture. Actually, is that true?

G: Kate Hudson, it’s a very Nicole Kidman dress.

L: It looks like she’s put on a bit of weight in a good way. Mr. Shu, Rachel, Glee!