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So I mentioned the other day that I want to start “Purchas[ing] things of quality that I actually want as opposed to buying something cheap that I kind of want and not really ever loving it” and to that end I today purchased the above radio that I have coveted for months if not years. I would not have generally purchased a $60 radio but it was on sale at half price and I can’t resist that kind of bargain.

I know that in today’s iPod-centric world a radio may seem like an odd object to purchase but quite the contrary friends. In fact, here is a numbered list of the many (five) reasons that I bought this radio.

1. It looks fantastic and is as much an objet as it is a radio. You sit that bad boy on a shelf and you got yourself some day-core. That room just went from bland to BAM, from drab to fab… (why is it so easy to talk like this? SHUDDER) But yes, I love the way it looks, and $30 is not a huge price to spend for this kind of art object that really will make a desk or occasional table pop and take a space from… (again, SHUDDER)

2. HALF PRICE! I know I mentioned this above, but really sometimes you just have to surrender to fate. This was the last one they had in the shop, in the colour that I wanted and was finally in my price range. No, I don’t need a rubber coated designer radio but I REALLY wanted one and this was literally a significant moment of coincidence, or fate if you believe in those sorts of things.

3. Radio’s are actually quite cool. This little gem takes four AA’s and is splash-proof so I’m going to be rocking it in the shower and at the beach come summer time. Also, I’d forgotten how amazing radio is. Like I have this little green thing that can endlessly play music for free. I once was blind but now I see, or rather I ONCE WAS DEAF AND NOW CAN HEAR! Amazing.

4. Look at it. It is me, if I were a radio. You can’t deny that shit!

5. I said earlier that I had five reasons but as it turns out I only have four so I’m going to use this bullet point to note another resolution I have come up with to add to the six I mentioned the other day. That is that I want to start cleaning up the dishes immediately after eating a meal – or at least later the same night – instead of letting them pile up becoming a huge mess and thus a daunting task that needs to be scheduled rather than the five minutes it takes if you just do them when you use them. Perhaps I can listen to my radio while I do them. FANTASTIC!

Radios are back, obviously.