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As I may have mentioned before, here and here and little bit here and here, Stephen Harper is a douche. Not only is he a douche, he’s only gone and outdone himself – thereby making him a SuperDouche (TM), – by proroguing parliament during a time that should include discussion of his disastrous trip to Denmark and the Aghan torture scandal.

I’m completely unable to understand why anyone would vote to keep this inept pile of shit in office? This is a man who has turned Canada from nation of envy to bottom of the shit heap. [Used shit twice there within two sentences which isn’t particularly imaginative. I’m going to acknowledge it but not adjust it. That is all.]

Stephen Harper is Canada’s George W. Bush and we desperately need some sort of uniting figure a la Obama to bring the country back on track under our historically more centrist leanings. The worst thing about Stephen Harper is that he’s such a fucking hypocrite! He went on and on about the “perversion of democracy” that was the aborted Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition government WHEN IT WAS NO SUCH THING AND FIRMLY WITHIN THE SCOPE OF OUR CONSTITUTION! Then he turns around the shuts Parliament down when the direction of discussion doesn’t suit him. WHAT A FUCKING TIT!

Ugh. I can’t even stand to look at him. How is this man running our country?