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So I’m not usually one for New Year’s Resolutions as I think they’re a bit silly. Like if there’s something about your life that you want to change just do it right?

Sidenote: As you may notice above I have listed the recently passed New Year’s Eve as 2009 as technically I believe that’s correct but is that the way it’s referred to vernacularly or would it be New Year’s Eve 2010? I think I’m right but I’m a little confused.

Anyway, despite not being a huge fan of resolutions I have a few this year – and no, one of them is not staying more current with my use of internet memes, I still love the photobomb squirrel even if the rest of the world has moved on to flashmobs and the Slap Chop remix.

1. Purchase things of quality that I actually want as opposed to buying something cheap that I kind of want and not really ever loving it. I shall endeavour to save up for the purchases that I actually want as opposed to shopping more often but less fruitfully.

Par example, I purchased a pair of high tops at Spring before Christmas for $70 but later realized that I was just buying them because I can’t afford these that I covet with ever fibre of my being and to which the high tops bore an ever so slight resemblance. So I have returned the crappy Spring high tops and perhaps one day I will be able to afford the Y-3 shoes. Although that being said I did buy a fantastic pair of summer shoes at Spring for $25 over Christmas but that’s different because they were fantastic and not simply a substitute for something more expensive.

2. Wash my sheets more often. I don’t want you to think that I only rarely wash my sheets which, having re-read that, it kind of sounds like. Rather I don’t have a specific schedule on which I wash me sheets and therefore feel like I’m not washing them enough. Obviously, this point would be moot if was not hopelessly celibate at the minute as sex requires a much more diligent washing frequency but I think I need to establish some sort of schedule so as to be completely satisfied that I’m sleeping on fresh sheets which at the moment, truth be told, I am not.

3. Remind the people that are important to me of that fact. I think I’m generally ok at this but I’d like to be more forthcoming with the word “love” towards the people that I do genuinely love. I don’t mean “in love” but just friends that it would be nice to tell more often.

4. Continue being fantastic.

5. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

6. Participate in a flashmob-style public outing.

Those seem pretty solid, I shall now have to check back at the end of the year and see how well I have done! Probably won’t if being perfectly honest but there you go. Oh, and I’m including an alternate take of the squirrel photobomb below because I love them both so much.