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I love this! A revenge pregnancy? Fantastic! Imagine if people actually had revenge pregnancies? Jo-Ann, for one, would never stop being pregnant. Also, why does anyone still care about Jennifer Aniston? Strange.

2. Heather Mills: ‘I may skate on one leg’

Seriously? Heather Mills? How is she still even remotely famous? She’s taking part in British reality-based programme “Dancing on Ice.” The only reason this show had previously been on my radar at all is that it’s where Girls Aloud first performed “Untouchable” last year. Needless to say it looks incredibly tacky.

3. Stylist explains Kate Gosselin’s new look

How is this newsworthy even in the loosely fact based world of “celebrity news?” Also, why does her look need explaining? Because she looks like shit? But she looked like shit before, just with shorter hair. Ugh, why are people interested in this woman? DAMN YOU MIDDLE AMERICA!

4. Report: Swiss Ferrari driver hit with record $290,000 speeding fine

So I like to keep up to date on automotive news via Autoblog and the other day this story came up about a man getting a huge speeding fine in Switzerland. Apparently in Switzerland speed fines are based on your income rather that just being a standard amount. I love this! So because this gentleman is a multi-millionaire he got a HUGE fine. I wish speeding fines were this way in Canada, too. It totally makes sense. Standard fines basically means that if you have enough money you can got as fast as you want because $100 is pittance to someone with $27 million in the bank. Well played Switzerland, well played.