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I was talking about TRUTH! the other day with a friend of mine and it occurred to me that I’ve never actually blogged about the TRUTH! movement.

TRUTH! is a feeling. An attitude. A way of life.

To TRUTH! is to live.

The basic idea behind TRUTHing someone is giving them some straight talk, usually a brilliant and cutting remark, and following it up by putting your hand in their face and saying – somewhat unsurprisingly – “TRUTH!” For example, someone might ask, “What do you think of this turtle neck?” To which I might reply “I think you should never wear turtle necks again. TRUTH!”

That wasn’t the best example but you get the idea. The point with the hand is to add a gesture, which solidifies the TRUTH! movement, and to distract the person on the receiving end of the TRUTH! so as so lessen, or at least slow down, any retribution that may be coming your way as a result of the TRUTH!

You see, a big problem with the world these days is that people aren’t used to hearing the truth. Everything is so sugar-coated for fear of hurting anyone’s self-esteem. It’s ridiculous. Read this post from Lainey which perfectly illustrates my point. People like Simon Cowell have made a career out of giving people the truth though a sea of false but it’s time for TRUTH! among the masses.

Instead of using the ubiquitous “awkward” when someone says something cutting, but entirely truthful, at a social event you can simply say “TRUTH!” in agreement with them.

Instead of shying away from honesty among your friends, simply break out a “TRUTH!” every now and then to broach the social awkwardness of telling them they can’t pull off turquoise, or whatever.