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So Fallon and I are kind of obsessed with lame court shows like People’s Court and Judge Judy. They’re totally ridiculous and feature some really hard up people. Our favourite one is Judge Alex, or as we call him Judge Eagle for his likeness to the Eagle from the Muppets. Anyway, Judge Eagle features the low-classiest of low classy participants. It is ridiculous and that is why it’s amazing.

There is another show called Divorce Court on which other low classy people resolve their divorces for the world to see. It is this program combined with a talk about fathers rights that led me to think up what could be the most amazingly low classy court show of all time. ABORT COURT!

The premise is rather self-explanatory. A woman gets pregnant and she wants to keep it but her potential BabyDaddy does not. What to do? Go on Abort Court! A judge would weight each of their cases and ultimately decide whether or not they should keep the baby. This is obviously ridiculous in the manner of A Modest Proposal, but be honest, you would totally watch it.