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lonnie gordon’s “happenin all over again” is a classic. FACT! not only is it an early 90s / late 80s dance-pop masterpiece it also brings me back to sitting in the backseat of my parents car when i was 7 or 8 years old, singing along all the way. at the time my dad had bought “the right stuff 2: nothin but a house party” which quickly jumped into my top three favourite tapes of my parents. the other two were the eurythmics greatest hits and pet shop boys, actually.

the right stuff 2: nothing but a houseparty album cover

one wonders at this precipitous point in life if my parents were, in fact, trying to make me gay (if so, significant parenting win). anyway, the right stuff 2 was a double tape set (!) and had some killer songs on it also including black box’s seminal “ride on time” which is AMAZING! here’s black box performing at a 1989 chart show in celebration of hitting number one.

listening to “been around the world” (attached below) at the time i remember thinking that lisa stansfield was the height of cool, what with her curled sideburns and all. i also remember dancing my gay ass off at a christmas party in a vain attempt to win the 7″ single. (watching it just now made me think she looks exactly like isabella rossellini)

oh, and some girl ended up taking the dance competition.