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dragonette in concert

so yesterday was an amazing day. i’m going to try and distil its amazingness into a blog post here but i doubt that i can fit that much amazing into one blog post being perfectly honest. although in fairness yesterday morning i probably would’ve doubted that one day could contain the amount of amazingness that yesterday did indeed contain.

first of all i got up and decided that a haircut was in order. i’d previously had my haircut at a place on denman but i wasn’t particularly thrilled with the results so in my ongoing search for a new barber i ventured to the barber shop on burrard street. i went in and sat down waiting for the next available barber among the 5 or so older gentleman already tending to customers. but when it came my turn to sit at the barber chair a cute young man appeared as if from nowhere to tend to my every need. then he was irish and kept responding to everything i said with “grand.” and i looked amazing. and he seemed super-appreciative of a $2 tip. in short, BEST HAIRCUT EVER. grand.

so now i’m on my way to the library and it’s raining so i’m wandering up seymour ‘neath my mini rainbow umbrella and what do i see coming towards me but a woman holding a giant rainbow umbrella. so rainbow umbrella lady and i share a brief but decidedly noteworthy moment and both smile and giggle at our matching manner of wet weather protection. also grand.

the library was amazing, too. mainly just because i love being at the library. the central branch of the vancouver public library is the kind of building that is a pleasure to visit. it’s got this huge indoor courtyard and i love it. also, when i departed the library the heavens had parted and it was suddenly sunny and clear outside which allowed me to enjoy my hot dog al fresco after my subsequent trip to the amazing downtown costco. (it’s underground right downtown!)

vancouver public library central branch

after my delicious hot dog i headed home only to find my upstairs neighbours returning from the liquor store, so obviously – despite the fact that it was only 4pm – it was time to start drinking. at this point fallon and i headed upstairs to get down to the business of drinking at jon and val’s apartment. while there we also decide to order pizza and create what can only be described as a near perfect pizza combination from megabite. steak, bacon and mushroom. it was literally grand. delicious.

so after a few hours of drinking fallon and i headed to the dragonette concert which was held at a place called venue, which despite serving overpriced drinks – not that surprising in fairness, – was amazing. i decided that before the show kicked off i needed to get in a quick slash and slipped off to the men’s room to do just that. so there are two others guys at the urinals and now we’re spaced evenly across six urinals, with me at the far left, with one lady – for some reason? – in stall at the end.

anyway, one of the dudes on my right mentions something about “to the left” and the lady in the stall breaks into a quick “to the left, to the left” so i promptly follow-up with “everything you own in a box to the left” and pretty soon we’re all belting out a rousing bathroom version of beyonce’s “irreplaceable.” AMAZING!!!!

after that very exciting bathroom experience i went back to fallon and we enjoyed the amazing DRAGONETTE! IT. WAS. EPIC!!!! dragonette are just f*cking killer live. they’re amazing. like all their songs are amazing and somehow become even more amazing live. everything about dragonette is perfection. it was an incredible night which was followed by a few more drinks, a bit of amelie and an episode and a half of destroyed in seconds back in the upstairs neighbours’ apartment. seriously, a near perfect day.


dragonette in concert