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1. my roommate fallon washes and saves any and all plastic food containers leading to our cupboard being full of cream cheese tubs and safeway deli containers. i find this very endearing and it also somehow makes me feel like less of an old man for watching wheel of fortune and jeopardy almost every day. (i LOVE jeopardy)

2. i was at work today and, like yesterday, it was extremely slow so my co-worker cheryl and i were playing hangman. we have been waging a bit of a hangman war that started last night and continued to stalemate today as we’ve each lost only one round (me: vatican city, her: indira ghandi). alas, all of the preceding information is somewhat inconsequential to the pay-off in this story except that it was revealed via a gripping game of hangman. it is that cheryl thought stone henge was in fact called “stone hedge.” AMAZING! this instantly reminded me of the time that salloum thought that a “blimp” was the same thing as a “blip” or the 22 years of my life during which i thought that a “moot” point was a “mute” point. the latter was – rather gleefully, it has to said – pointed out to me by dan who took an immense amount of pleasure in constantly reminding me of it for months, if not years, afterwards.

3. in response to yesterday’s post mentioning skype dan rather excitedly pointed out his superior technogical ingenuity in the comments section.

SIDENOTE: my blog has clearly shone a light on a rather worrying and obviously deep-rooted nasty streak within mr. hale who has presumably been burying it for years under his insufferable, and endlessly earnest, niceness.

anyway, this reminded me of a time when dan thought having a wireless card in his laptop meant that he could just get onto the internet for free anywhere in the world at any time. i actually felt rather bad that i had to burst his bubble on that one. DAN HAS SEEN THE FUTURE AND IT IS THE INTERNET EVERYWHERE!