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edmonton: the hangover city

i’m going to go ahead and do this in ever-popular list form.

1. i was at lunch the other day with my friend eli – at the templeton on granville which, incidentally, was amazing – when we were reminiscing about the big onion: the city of champions that is edmonton. now, to be clear, i rather love edmonton and, particularly, its people, many of whom i consider among my best of friends. i remember last year that the city was looking for a new slogan as “city of champions” lost its ring sometime in the early-90s and clearly needs to be retired. anyway, somewhat obviously from the above picture, we settled on “the hangover city.”

in fairness, it sounds a lot more derisive now that i’m putting it in writing when it was not necessarily intended to be pejorative. there is just something about edmonton and it’s fabulous summers followed by months of winter cold that seems to fit this nomer. i do think it would at least generate some interest in the city and is at least five thirds better than calgary’s “heart of the new west” slogan, which being blunt is crap. TRUTH!

2. catch phrase (the game) is on sale at toys r us this week for 25 bucks and i recommend that everyone go and purchase it. it is amazing. basically words come up on the embedded screen and you have to get your team to guess the word without saying it. it is incredibly simple but equally fun and i’ve never played a bad round of catch phrase. part of it’s charm has to be that the whole thing is one hand-held electronic device so there’s no pieces to lose and it’s super easy to break out.

one night we played catch phrase and jo-ann had to make ryan say “the unsinkable molly brown” so she said “the fat woman from the titanic” to which ryan replied “kate winslet.” GOLD! during another game of catch phrase – which i did not actually witness first hand but am now going to shamelessly re-tell as though i did – the word was “baby” so someone said “what ramona and josh would have if she were pregnant” to which emanual blurted out “an abortion.” THIS GAME IS LIKE AN AMAZING MOMENT MACHINE LITERALLY TURNING DRY EVENINGS WITH CRUSTY CANAPES INTO THE STUFF OF LEGEND! seriously, 25 dollars. BUY IT!

3. the dragonette album is amazing. AMAZING! i will probably write more about this later but i just wanted to note it now.

4. i have just discovered the amazing-ness of skype. HOW DID I NOT ABOUT THIS? it’s free, easy and amazing. how is it free? amazing.

5. there is a commercial on right now trying to encourage people to see an optometrist and one woman says she has poor night vision and her optometrist figured out that she actually has cataracts despite being young. somewhat obviously i’m now worried that i have cataracts. DAMN YOU TELEVISION!