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melrose place 2.0 twitter

when i was a child i used to love things from television shows. like not mugs with the name “friends” emblazoned upon them, but items actually used on television shows. i once purchased a flintstone’s alarm clock that looked as if it was hewn from a boulder and i cherished that alarm clock and the little bird that rang the bells atop it’s – in actual fact plastic – body. i also used to love melrose place.

it’s strange that these two seemingly divergent thoughts should come together in my adult life but cleave they have – sidenote: did you know that cleave means both to bring together and to separate? the past tense of the former is cleaved and the latter is cleft, but i digress – and it is in fact in the fantastic twitter campaign created for the new melrose place.

the new melrose place has started off a bit so-so but it’s slowly been getting better storyline-wise, including the appearance of the bitchier than ever jane, sister of the now re-deceased – and presumably deader than ever – syndey. amazing. anyway, i’ve been keeping up with the goings on of 4616 melrose place, including the occasional tweet. then, out of the blue, i noticed today that a certain @iamellasimms was following me. ella is my favourite character from the show and being honest i assumed some crazy fan-girl (or gay) was following me due to a positive tweet re: ella. lo and behold i was wrong!

it turns out that fox has created twitter profiles for the main characters of the melrose reboot that are written as if from the characters themselves. IT IS GENIUS. a quick sample of ella’s tweets:

Hey stubborn hangover, it’s 6pm. You need to step off. It’s Saturday night and your petty intimidation tactics don’t stand a chance.

To loosely quote The Beatles: I get *off* with a little help from my friends.

To the *stud* in the yellow Hummer honking at me: it would take equal parts tequila and propofol for anything to happen between us.

My starlet’s E! appearance did not get Tivo’d @DrLaurenYung . At capacity with surgery reality TV. You don’t seriously watch that, do you?

i’m sure you can see why she’s my favourite. and that last tweet is directed at her roommate lauren, the prossy doctor, who i also enjoy, but whose twitter is frankly a little dull.

i wonder who is writing these tweets. i wonder if there are a group of newbie interns, 1 of whom will be given a permanent position at fox for garnering the most followers. that would be amazing.

tweet on melrose place, tweet on.