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angela merkel

so presumably everyone is aware that canadian politics are currently shit on a stick. it feels like we’re watching idly as our international friends are infused with optimism and excitement about their respective ruling parties, or individuals. specifically, last year we watched as barrack obama stormed his way to the white house on a tidal wave of change and goodwill. similarly, germans recently had the pleasure of electing angela merkel to a second term as chancellor there. and all the while we’re stuck with the wetnap that is stephen harper. while barrack obama may be the more newsworthy candidate, i believe what canada really needs is an angela merkel style prime minister that can bring the whole country together. i mean what’s not to love about angela merkel?

first of all, her name. pronounced |angle-ah| on account of being german, the whole thing has a wonderful ring to it. say it out loud: angela merkel. amazing.

second, look at her. she’s so lovely. how could that woman not have your best interests at heart? anytime i see her she looks so down to earth yet intelligent that i wish someone would follow her with a hills-style reality show so that i could enjoy watching more merkel goodness.

third, and more importantly for canada, she leads germany via a coalition government. why canadians can’t get behind the idea of a coalition government is beyond me, especially after the rally cries of working together after the last election. and yet when the liberals and NDP attempted to form a coalition government with the support of the bloc, it was as if a bomb had exploded in the houses of parliament. the conservatives cried foul at the help of the bloc, but we all know that any minority government is beholden to the quebecois and now the harper government has even had the gall to cut a deal with NDP to keep them in power at a critical confidence vote this week. WTF?!

you see, what canada needs is a great unifier like the fabulous mrs. merkel that can soften canadians to the idea of a coalition. to be perfectly honest, i can’t see us getting out of this annoying political quagmire for some time to come. it seems as if we’re in for many years of bickering and minority governments which is why we really need to get our heads, as a country, around the idea of coalitions. they can and do work in many european countries and surely politicians should be rewarded for working together to get our system moving again instead of stagnating it with ridiculous fear-mongering about an evil alliance of the left and the separatists. i’m looking at you harper.

hmm… maybe i should run for office.

i might get to meet angela merkel.