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cheryl cole: fight for this love

so the new cheryl cole video “fight for this love” is online now and while, rather annoyingly, i cannot embed it, you can click here to watch it. when i first watched it i was going to give it a B+ but i’ve since decided to give the video the nearly unattainable grade (i’m a tough critic) of A-. AMAZE!

as you can already see from the images it above, the video is fantastic. that whole red striped hood and glasses thing is probably my favourite moment style-wise in the video, although it does bear a striking resemblance to kylie in her “in my arms” video. actually she looks exactly like fellow girl aloud, nadine coyle, in a few shots too (see below). that latter is undeniably more intriguing than the former but i’m not docking her any marks as both looks are fabulous, stolen or not.

cheryl cole: fight for this love - nadine coyle?

to be honest, when i first saw the video i wasn’t sure it really fit the song. but then i felt a nagging desire to watch it again. and there you have it; that indescribable it-factor that makes an A music video. you want to watch it over and over again because it somehow improves the song itself. i’m going to try and break down said it factor into point form so that we may possibly understand it for future generations of pop starlets to copy endlessly.

1. lots of outfit changes. seriously, cheryl’s in and out of clothes in the video like a stripper. i think i counted 7 different ensembles, not all of them fabulous.

2. wear something noteworthy, even if it’s not that fashionable. those leopard print pants: hideous, but you know what, i’m totally talking about them either way. WIN. i’m also not that keen on the whole military get-up: good idea, so-so execution.

cheryl cole: fight for this love video

3. dancers. ALWAYS IMPORTANT! actually, my favourite bit in the whole video comes at 3:06. best dance move ever. it’s like cheryl is the lead hen and they’re all her chicken bitches!

4. cgi, really great graphics. this video has amazing graphics. like they threw some money around on this clip. it probably had the budget of the first 15 girls aloud videos combined. it makes very little sense (amazing) but really blends in fantastically.

cheryl cole: fight for this love video

so for the above 4 reasons – dancers, a plethora of fabulous (or at least intriguing) fashions, cgi – the video “fight for this love” is a huge success. but all this got me thinking about cheryl cole – the popstar. i would expect this song and the subsequent album to be a significant success for mrs. cole and i think that if she continues to play her cards right she has a long and exciting future in the world of pop music.

specifically, something about cheryl and this video is making draw comparisons to madonna. it used to drive me crazy a few years ago when everyone was comparing britney to madonna as even then it was painfully obvious that britney was as thick as two planks whereas madonna is extremely intelligent and a master at manipulating situations to her advantage. i get this same sense from cheryl cole. she has navigated her career with great aplomb over the last few years becoming unarguably the breakout personality of girls aloud, thanks in part to the support of simon cowell via her appearance as an x factor judge. i think cheryl cole might just have the unstoppable will to demolish everything and everyone in her path to superstardom, much like a young italian american girl with daddy issues did all those fateful years ago.

only time will tell…