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so i went for lunch today with my fabulous friend layne. i’d had a bit of a shitty morning as i had slept in for work. although actually, i had a great sleep so it wasn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened, all things considered. anyway, it was a lovely day, 20-ish degrees with a light cool wind that was perfection. so after i finished work i walked over the burrard street bridge to kits and enjoyed the bright blue skies and 360 degree views. anyway, after our lunch at hell’s kitchen layne and i did a bit of shopping and went to the gravity pope store to have a look at some shoes that i can’t afford (i have a v. limited budget at the minute but that doesn’t mean i can’t look).

that was all a rather long preamble to a rather awkward social situation that transpired during my time at the gravity pope. so i was perusing the fabulous assortment of leather goods when i noticed a guy who used to work at the shoe store in edmonton, i think his name is scott. actually, i know his name is scott because i totally creeped him on emanuel‘s facebook for this post. so scott came up to me and said hi and asked how i was and we chatted very briefly at which point i should have asked him about his presence in vancouver but for some reason i just said “cool,” or something equally as non-committal and i think made it seem as if i didn’t want to chat anymore because he quickly departed.

what the fuck is wrong with me? i don’t know scott particularly well but he has always been extremely nice on the few encounters we have had and i had no intention of being a huge bitch but i think that is exactly what i did. ugh. then i spent the next few minutes hoping we would be in the same vicinity again so i could apologise for my lack of social finesse but alas it was not to be and i eventually left feeling a total tit. i hate coming across as a bitch, especially to someone who has been nothing but nice to me on every occasion i have ever encountered him.

i think sometimes i do this and i’m not sure why. i act all cold for no reason when what i really want to do is be chatty with this friendly person in a new place. the same thing happened not long ago with a girl i met in the mac’s store on davie. why aren’t i just more relaxed, forging friendships – even loose ones – at every turn?

why do my social skills seem only to diminish with age? surely it should be the other way around?