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there is a magnet on my fridge that depicts a farmer on a tractor with some sheep among some rolling green hills. the tractor is on a little spring so it sort of floats above the hills and a title, the lake district, adorns the bottom. truth be told it is a rather tacky souvenir from a small shop and was purchased on my last trip to england. my nanna insisted on finding something to purchase me despite the fact that we were in rather a hurry and i felt it unnecessary.

quick sidenote: my nanna never tires of telling me that she does not hurry, in any circumstance.

anyway, as the rest of the group scurried ahead my nanna took me into the shop and we picked out the magnet together. she said that she wanted me to have something to remember from the trip and i told her i would always remember it regardless. she told me then that it’s still nice to have small reminders around of people and places and things we’ve done. mundane things we can look at everyday that inspire a thought, however brief, of good times passed. a thought, essentially, that we are loved.

i look at that magnet every day and think how right she was.

lesson learned.