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sugababes 3.0: amella berrabah, keisha buchanan, heidi range

the world of pop music today reeled in shock over news that lone remaining founding member keisha buchanan would be departing from the sugababes after 11 years of ushering brilliant pop music into the world at large. sugababes, a trio consisting originally of mutya buena, keisha buchanan, and siobhan donaghy now seems to have abandoned any semblance of credibility and will be the equivalent of the british menudo. lame. here is a taste of the sugababes early in their career with pop classic “overload.” brilliant. actually, click here to watch it as embedding videos is clearly the biggest threat to the music industry ever.

anyway, siobhan left the group before promotion for the first album had fully wrapped up and subsequently former atomic kitten member heidi range was brought in to shore up the ranks. this became sugababes 2.0 and perhaps the most successful and memorable of the line-ups. returning initially with the killer freak like me, and subsequently with hits including hole in the head, in the middle (i always liked this video), and absolute stormer “push the button” which also has an amazing video that i managed to pull off youtube, below.

so, this is now during promotion for their fourth album “taller in more ways” and mid-way through, mutya decides to leave the babes at which time amelle berrabah is drafted into the ranks. this leaves a lot of fans screaming ‘the end is nigh’ but the babes go on to release a successful singles collection and later their fifth studio album “change” is preceded by what can only be described as an instant pop masterpiece, about you now. ok, so then last year the girls put out a bit of a clunker – album, “catfights and spotlights” – but this year they were supposed to be back and better than ever.

quick sidenote here, i don’t think i have properly conveyed up to this point the incredible success the sugababes achieved in the uk music scene during a time when pop music was not particularly cool or popular. during the 2.0 heydays, the sugababes carried an innate credibility and were able to buck the downward trend in pop music becoming the biggest girl band of the early millennium with girls aloud, at the time, a distant second. having jettisoned two members (below) into the flotsam and jetsam of the pop ocean, sugababes 3.0 were, until just the other day, poised for a big comeback.

sugababes surplus: mutya buena, siobhan donaghy

so all this brings me to the point of this entire post. it was announced today that keisha buchanan has been ousted from the group that she started as a 13-year old girl to make way for some eurovision tart named jade ewen. it’s quite the sordid tale of intrigue and backstabbing with keisha stating as recently as friday that any rumours of disquiet among the band were false, only to have the record company come out today with the replacement news. then later keisha stated that it was not her choice to leave the band. it’s both a salacious and saddening pop tale to be honest and with respect to the new lineup popjustice put it best – as is so often the case – with the following:

Sorry Heidi, sorry Amelle, sorry Jade – you make a brilliant trio but Sugababes as a band is now dead. Pick a new name or spend the rest of your time in this band as a total laughing stock.

also, popjustice had set up a sugababes memory book which now just features a video link and the following, at which i couldn’t stop laughing earlier as it’s a total TRUTH!:

This was a little guestbook for people to share their Sugababes memories and messages but somewhat inevitably the usual bunch of cunts ruined it with a predictable string of spam and libel. Sorry.

the last shred of credibility was today ripped from the formerly quite brilliant sugababes and for that reason it is a sad day in the pop universe.

RIP sugababes.