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leona lewis

HRRRNK! LEONA’S BACK! she’s gone from “bleeding love” to “happy” and it’s an absolute stormer on all levels. happy is amazing. it’s a fists in the air, tears streaming down your face triumph. it’s one of those songs that you will undoubtedly have a life moment to and remember it for years to come. for instance, my life moment to bleeding love is crying on the dance floor with jo-ann at suite 69, my life moment to “i don’t feel like dancin” is dancing at my aunts wedding with my parents. and there are some sad ones. for instance, to this day i can’t listen to robyn’s “with every heartbeat” without melting into a puddle of tears, ditto billy joel’s “lullaby” and keane’s “somewhere only we know.” but enough about me, here’s the cover of happy.

leona lewis happy cover

pretty good right? they manage to make leona look like she has a personality; quite an accomplishment. i mean would it really hurt this women to throw a diva strop? at least then we’d know she had an opinion about something. fair enough, i’ll take leona over the likes of miley cyrus and her ilk, but she definitely needs to come out her shell a bit. all that being said, i can’t be mad at the women who brought me happy. ryan tedder has done it again. the man is musical genius.

anyway, here’s the song. it’s starts of sounding a bit like “nothing compares to you” but quickly changes tack.