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above is the fantastic new video for la roux’s latest (amazing) new single ‘i’m not your toy.’ i would rate it a strong B+. it effortlessly straddles the line between hipster chic and mass appeal. it is fantastic but i’m not obsessed with it, which would bump it up to an A. i quite like the computery stuff towards the end.

remember in the early part of the millennium when every video had to include some sort of computer reference or cgi? here’s an example from cher. it’s my favourite:

i love the one girl who’s mad at her boyfriend for his presumed online affair with cher. someone needs to tell her she’s dating a ‘mo.

below i have attached a true A+ video. i consider it to be perfect in every way. it is visually interesting, but does not contain its own storyline, and perfectly complements the song. when this video came out i became completely obsessed with it and, those being the days before youtube, watched music television for hours on end – those also being the days when music television meant playing music videos – waiting for the glorious moment when ‘in your eyes’ would come on.


actually, all the videos from the ‘fever’ era were amazing. can’t get you outta my head, love at first sight, and come into my world. perhaps one of the greatest album campaigns in music videos ever.