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cheryl cole: i'm just a love machine

as many of you are no doubt aware. i love girls aloud. they are amazing. end of. you may also recall that cheryl cole was rather ceremoniously dropped to least favourite on my aloudometer after dissing the spice girls. anyway, after working non-stop since forming in 2002 the girls are taking a year off to focus on their own projects and cheryl is the first with a single and album out that is sure to do well, come as it does during her mentor duties on the x factor.

the point of this whole build up is that ‘fight for this love’ is amazing. it’s not the all out pop more favoured by girls aloud but rather an r&b flavoured down tempo affair. it’s incredibly catchy, a definite grower and just really surprisingly good. not at all what you’d expect from a cheryl cole solo effort. it sounds quite like a ryan tedder song, and that’s not bad. i’m thinking this has the potential to be huge if she does a great video. please make a great video cheryl.

FACT: if cheryl cole makes a video in which she beats up a washroom attendant while out at a club, she will be reinstated as my favourite girl aloud with total immunity; her position never to be questioned again. (sorry nicola)

quick sidenote, there’s a line in the song that goes ‘drive it fast but let’s go slow’ that for my first few listens i thought was ‘drive a vespa let’s go slow.’ embarrassing.

anyway, here it is.