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alphabeat in blue, the spell cover


as i’ve mentioned before, i love alphabeat. their songs are just amazing pop gems full of frivolity and excitement but also properly brilliant melodies. fascination still ranks as one of the best songs of the decade (the word is still on my lips, say the word!) and the whole ‘this is alphabeat’ album really was genius.

while that album had a very 80s influenced sound, new single, ‘the spell’ (attached below), is clearly much more inspired by the sound of 90s pop. it’s a stine-led masterpiece with all kinds of whoa-oh’s and jumpy snyth-keyboards. AMAZE!

i’m also digging the whole blue look; it’s still fun but a bit more put together. that being said i’m not sure about stine’s new do, i definitely preferred the blonde on her. also, the above picture is not particularly kind to either anders SG (dressed in dark blue) or my main man troels (far left) who are both, in general, sex on legs.

there is just something very fun and exciting about alphabeat. it’s infectious. sort of like how the spice girls were before geri left. at a base level there’s just something very life-affirming and positive about them. i love them.