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natalie imbruglia

guess who else is making a comeback? (if you can’t guess with the above picture and brilliantly meta post heading then you clearly fail at life) IT’S NATALIE IMBRUGLIA!

so, i know ms. imbruglia’s career has never really hit the heady highs of pop superstardom since the unforgettable ‘torn,’ but her new material is pretty damn good and i think perhaps enough time has passed for everyone to look back to torn fondly, without holding her to that standard.

interesting sidenote,. torn was originally written and released by ednasnap, an LA-based alternative band who apparently continue to greatly resent the fact that imbruglia’s version became such a huge success, despite the obvious fact that their version is a bit shit.

anyway, natalie imbruglia’s new song is called ‘want’ and was written with chris martin, of being married to gweneth paltrow fame. IT IS BRILLIANT! i have been listening to the song quite a lot over the last few days and i love it. the video came online yesterday, is below, and does not do the song justice.

i mean the video’s okay – certainly better than the backstreets boys’ monstrosity – but it’s just not great. a really great video should make the song even better and leave you wanting to watch it over and over again. in that regard it fails, especially because the song is so brilliant that they really should have done a balls to the wall video to get the general public back on side. although i suppose appearances like this on alan carr chatty man (BRILLIANT! – alan carr, not, necessarily, natalie) can’t hurt.

back to the ‘want’ video, focussing a lot on the face when someone’s clearly had botox and can’t move anything from the eye’s up seems an odd way to appear fresh and young again.

…although she does balance that out with a lot of sideboob.

all in all: great song, mediocre video. i suppose it’s a success in as much as i’m quite excited to see what the album will be like. also, i’ve been listening to torn a lot again. it really is a classic, ednasnap be damned.