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dragonette 2009

so as i mentioned before, DRAGONETTE ARE BACK! anyway, i fucking love dragonette and not only is there is new album hitting canadian stores this month, but dragonette are also heading out on tour. i already have tickets to the vancouver show next month and i’m very very excited. i missed their last proper show in edmonton because it was during exams. although ryan and i did catch them during capital ex, and i got my sunglasses case signed by the band, which was fabulous, obviously.

above is the video for ‘fixin to thrill.’ it is fantastic. [ryan, watch it all the the through and then tell me you don’t love this song, the video really makes it extra amazing]

anyway, dragonette’s last album, the aptly titled ‘GALORE’ was about two years ahead of it’s time containing as it did intelligent, though-provoking, full on balls to the wall pop music, that has since started to creep into the zeitgeist. here is a clip of dragonette performing ‘black limousine’ and ‘i get around,’ from said album, live. [dan, watch until at least after the 2:32 mark where some really killer guitar action takes place]

dragonette also have a new song called ‘pick up the phone’ which is, some what predictably, amazing, and attached below. how are dragonette not the biggest band on the planet? everything about them is truly fantastic. how come people would line up and pay to watch bono and co. drop a (u) number two but dragonette remain ever so slightly under the radar? we really need some pop justice on this front oh merciful pop gods.

finally, just because i can’t resist martina and the boys, here is another song from dragonette’s upcoming second album. entitled ‘gone too far’ it is a fabulous fiddle affair and i adore it.

pop! (it's back)