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glee episode 2


episode two continued to knock it out of the park. it managed to fit in the guidance counselor – emma, who is amazing – telling a student she’d be thankful for a limited gag reflex when she was older, and an inspired way of including the issue of premature ejaculation among high school boys, without seeming too crude. GENIUS!

also, i love this return to event television. it’s been a long time since i’ve felt this amount of excitement about a show among my friends. it feels like everyone i know is watching it and sharing opinions. fantastic.

i also watched the new melrose place tonight which was significantly less of a success. SPOILER ALERT:

THEY RESURRECTED SYDNEY ONLY TO KILL HER OFF A FEW MINUTES LATER! sydney andrews was amazing. i used to love sydney, especially when she was in the cult. i can’t believe she’s already gone! although to be fair i think they’re going to use her heavily in flashback scenes but sydney andrews is a character deserving of so much more than flashbacks scenes. they really should have dropped ashlee simpson-wentz in that pool instead as she was abysmal. like even bad by the limited standards of the CW network. just really fucking terrible, really.

as a quick sidenote do you think she changed her professional name to to try and make us forget that she’s going from being a terrible singer to being a terrible actress? actually, i remember dan used to have a major thing for ashlee simpson, pre-wentz, when we used to live together and i recall mocking him for this numerous times. today, i mock you again dan, for the wayward manner in which your libido led you in that instance.

will probably watch melrose place again to see what happens but only because it’s on after glee and i want to see if ashlee simpson-wentz has more than one facial expression – she’s borrowed the dead in the in the eyes thing from katie holmes with great aplomb.

conclusion. glee = amazing. melrose place = mediocre. ashlee simpson-wentz = fucking aweful. sydney andrews = really dead this time?

new melrose place, dead girl in the pool